EmerHealth Card

Have you ever been in a situation where you are unable to access your emergency health information or health records in a hurry?

We have a solution.....

Emerhealth Card from Emerhealth.net provides you the facility to digitize and store your health records and our Emerhealth card ensures that you carry the same with you at all times. The Emerhealth card has a QR code which when scanned using a standard QR Scanner on a smartphone gives your instant access to your emergency health/contact information and secure access to your stored personal health records.


Emer Health Card Demo

For a demo please scan the QR code on the image below using a standard QR Code reader on your smartphone

Your life line on a card. Be safe, be sure to carry your Emer health card.

For a demo, Please scan the QR code using a standard QR reader on an internet enabled smart phone. Pin for access to records is 000000. When choosing report dates please input dates 17th March as start date, as demo records input are from the 17th March. We have not shown any Doctors names or names of diagnostic centers as this is for a demo purpose.


View when you scan the QR code

Using the arrows move the images to see different display screens


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